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WnPIA Member's Meeting Dates 2017: Monday, 24 April 2017

Kay Saville-Smith presenting “Opportunities for Landlords through Better Homes, Towns and Cities”.

A sociologist, Kay has built up twenty years of solid expertise in community and social policy and research.  Her research areas include applied social research and evaluation in housing, public policy and community development.

Prior to establishing CRESA with Julie Warren who retired in 2010, Kay was an academic policy manager and ministerial advisor. Her research includes benefit and funding policy for health, welfare, housing, disability and mental health services.

In the past she was a member of the Healthy Housing Programme (Otago University), HEEP (BRANZ), and led the Sustainable Neighbourhood Streams for the BEACON Consortium as well as contributed to the NowHome and retrofit evaluations.


Kay Saville-Smith, PhD (Lancs)
Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment (CRESA)

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