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Property Investor Stories: Paul Wright

Paul Wright is passionate about property - and that's an understatement.  Paul has featured in the National Property Investor magazine and has spoken at various PIA's around the country.

Paul Wright is a Wellington Property Investor who began investing in the early 1980's when he purchased his first block of flats.

Paul has grown an incredibly impressive portfolio with multi-unit rentals, and (luckily for us!) he's happy to share his enthusiasm, ideas and success.

Paul has vast knowledge and experience and has adapted his portfolio to meet the changing needs of the rental market.

A local property investor, he knows the area and markets well.  His vast knowledge and experience is only seconded by his animated excitement.

See Paul in action here: 

Paul Wright - Property Investor & Newtown Maniac - Part 1

Paul Wright - Property Investor & Newtown Maniac - Part 2

Plus  ... to warm us up we will ahve a brief presentation by Chris Lane of First Lane Insurance

“Making Insurance Great again!!”

Chris Lane is the owner of First Lane Insurance, which he established 4 years ago.  Prior to that he managed the local Marlborough office of a larger Corporate Broker after learning the trade through the ranks in the Wellington Corporate Insurance scene.  Chris is a fellow property Investor and a firm believer in selling good honest insurance.  What we can offer Private Landlords in terms of insurance is second to none in the market place.  Certainly people form close relationships with their insurance providers and a few even have good experiences – we we’re keen to keep meeting and introducing ourselves, our service and insurance product and cultivate new relationships within the NZPIF family wherever we can.  If that’s done – the product and the premium savings seal it up as a great all round package!

Come along for the last meeting of 2016.  This is bound to be an evening of entertainment, as well as insight.  We promise a great night of fun!

Monday, 28 November 2016 - Last Member's meeting of 2016:  Property Investor Stories:  Paul Wright

Location:  Grand Dining Room of the Wellesley Boutique Hotel
2-8 Maginnity Street, Wellington 6011

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