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Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment Landlord Seminar Series 2016

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment  Landlord Seminar Series 2016

The aim of this seminar is to help landlords and property investors get a better understanding of how to effectively apply the law changes in relation to their rental property, their tenants, and running their everyday business.

Please RSVP for this seminar by choosing Wellington from this link.

The seminar presentations will be delivered by representatives from the regional Property Investor Association, Tenancy Services and the Ministry of Justice (Tenancy Tribunal Adjudicators).

Topics include:

  • New Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) Amendments (tenancy laws) from 1 July 2016 – smoke alarms, insulation, expedited abandonments, enforcement and new administration procedures
  • Advice about creating warmer, drier, safer homes
  • Information about the new Tenancy Compliance and Investigations team
  • Services available – Bonds online, Resolve, Tenancy Tribunal applications online
  • Dispute resolution processes
  • The benefits of joining a Property Investor Association

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