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Being prepared for the Tenancy Tribunal

Worried about the Tenancy Tribunal?

Worried about the Tenancy Tribunal? Think it's stacked in the tenant's favour? Do you know what constitutes evidence to an adjudicator?
Being prepared for Tenancy tribunal is actually very simple, but does need preparation, understanding and excellent record keeping.

Come along to our meeting and find out the nitty gritty of how to present your case to the Tenancy Tribunal professionally, in the best light, and how to keep your cool if the accusations start to fly.

Richard Horne from Manage My Property is our guest speaker.

Some of the items Richard will talk to us about:
- how can you avoid going to tribunal in the first instance? 
- If you do have to apply, what's the best time and way to do it? (Eg if it's for arrears, do you apply as soon as the tenant is overdue in rent or do you wait out the 14 day notice?)
- What's the new MBIE fast track service like? 
- What are some tips for presenting your case - eg what documents should a Landlord have prepared for tribunal/mediation or how do you present photo evidence etc? 
- How do you manage the relationship with the tenant if you are going through mediation/tribunal and they're still in the property? 
- How do you deal with 'temperamental' adjudicators/the inconsistencies in the "kangaroo court"? 
- Once the tribunal/mediation process is over, how can you enforce a mediation/court order?

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