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WoFs and War Wounds

Due to Labour weekend, please be aware that this month's meeting is this Monday, 21 October 2013

Building WoFs 
Have your say on Wellington City Council's draft proposal for building WoF’s. This Monday Zach RisselSenior Advisor in the Wellington City Council Policy Team, has just been confirmed to speak for 10 minutes. WCC wants to work with us on a voluntary WoF pilot and is looking for participants - this means having your rental property assessed by a contracted provider using the agreed pilot WoF assessment and also providing some qualitative survey feedback.

Building WoFs are very topical at the moment and this is a wonderful opportunity to help the council to understand our needs. 

War Wounds
Following Zach's WoF discussion, we'll be talking lessons learnt. Everybody loves to hear investor stories and where better than from each other. Bring along a couple of stories each - we'll break into smaller groups and talk about challenges you've faced in your property investing journey and the 'scars' you've received. We'll be keeping it positive though - remember the lesson is the important part! Hear how others have faced situations and don't make the same mistakes they have. 

October's meeting is important for any investor - WoFs are being taken seriously by the council - Come along and get involved. War Wounds is for the brave and the wise - be brave: share; be wise: listen. 

See you this Monday - 21 October 2013 at the Harcourts Auction Rooms, Cnr Vivian Street and Cambridge Terrace. . Doors open at 6.45 pm, meeting begins at 7.00 pm. 

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