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What you wish your Real Estate Agent had told you - unravelling the secrets to make your next transaction work.

Learn how to avoid being your own worst enemy when you are dealing with real estate agents.  Learn the reasons for the most common issues and how to avoid them.  What should you tell your agent, and what should you keep secret when buying and selling.  Should you use a 'buyers agent'?  How can you help get the highest price when selling, and the lowest price when buying?  What things should make you ditch your agent and try another?  What is the best methods of marketing properties, and how do you use these for your advantage?  What do real estate agents need to tell the buyer?  What must an agent never do?  What kinds of properties increase in value the fastest?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more with Jim Stuck, Harcourts Real Estate.  This meeting is ideal for those interested in buying property, or those intending to sell property in the future.  The information you gain should turn your next transaction from a potential struggle to a pleasure.

Admission: Free for WnPIA members, $30 non members.  Door sales cheque/cash.  Or pre-register by emailing contact@wnpia.co.nz
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September Meeting: The Great Residential VS Commercial Debate.  See our website www.wnpia.co.nz/events for details.

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