Wellington Property Investors' Association

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Shawn Manders: President

Shawn has been a member of WnPIA since 2018, with a background covering business performance, marketing, strategy and tech enablement. Shawn enjoys actively engaging with the association and exploring opportunities to grow the association and value on offer to members.

Outside of work you can find Shawn involved in education, event management or a number of community organisations.

Hamish Murphy: Vice-President

Hamish has been a member of WnPIA since 2010, but has had a long time interest in property since the age of 18, when he bought his first property: an inner-city apartment. In two years he had doubled his investment in it.
He now splits his time between his investments (which are both residential and commercial property) and his successful catering business Baxters Catering. He has focused on Rent by Room Tenancies (or Boarding Houses) and has over 32 tenancies within the Wellington area.

Outside of business, Hamish enjoys keeping tropical and marine fish, and spending time with his two sons by taking them fishing (not in the tank!), and to basketball.  

Simon Moor: Treasurer                                                

Simon has been investing in property since 2002.  By day Simon is the Managing Partner of Chartered Accountancy firm, RIVAL Accounting, with one of his specialty areas being the structuring of rental property investments.  Simon lives in Lower Hutt with his wife and two daughters.   

Richard Bacon: Immediate Past President

Richard is an entrepreneur and environmentalist, as well as our Past President for WnPIA and an IT developer.
A director of Organic Boxes, Richard aims to improve and sustain both his own and his clients health and wellbeing through better nutrition and life journey control.
Richard likes classical music and spending time with his family.
Tania McCrystall: Committee Member                                                 

Tania has been a WnPIA member since 2019.  She is the New Business Manager for Comprende Property Management.

Dayna Berghan-Whyman: Administrator

Dayna Berghan-Whyman has 10+ years of information management experience in both the public and private sector.