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Leilani Driessen the Landlord of the Year 2018

Aug 26, 2019 - 7pm

  Wellesley Boutique Hotel
Address: 2-8 Maginnity St, Wellington, 6011
Phone: 04-474 1308

Landlord of the Year 2018 – Leilani Driessen gives us a rundown of what she did to become Landlord of the Year 2018.

Free for WnPIA members, and $30 for General Public entry.


Leilani is based in the Hawkes Bay where she and her husband own a number of rentals in Hastings. She juggles raising her three young children alongside managing their properties and is a member of the Hawkes Bay Property Investors Association.

The NZPIF Landlord of the Year award honours a member of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation who represents excellence among landlords.

In considering the nominees, Tenancy Services looked for a landlord who builds positive relationships with tenants and could demonstrate compliance with Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) requirements, specifically the 2016 changes to insulation and smoke alarms requirements.

Tenancy Services was pleased to present the 2018 ‘NZPIF Landlord of the Year’ award to Leilani Driessen.

“Leilani’s record keeping was of a high standard including clear demonstration of compliance with the RTA and her tenants described her as warm and friendly but also clear with her expectations, which they appreciate as they know exactly what is expected of them,” says Jennifer.

“Leilani was a shining example of the kind of landlords we encourage in New Zealand, and we hope her example will inspire collaborative relationships between landlords and tenants around the country.”

A feature that stood out to the judges was how Leilani’s tenants spoke of her caring nature and a willingness to ‘give tenants a chance’ where due to their circumstances, would likely have found themselves facing many barriers when trying to find a home.

“I feel very honoured to have been awarded Landlord of the Year 2018 from NZPIF and Tenancy Services and to also receive validation from my tenants that they think I am doing a good job,” says Leilani.

“As a landlord, my aim is always to build a positive partnership with tenants. I believe that each has a duty to each other – it’s our property but their home.

“Landlords are helping house people’s lives and I feel a real responsibility towards that, having been brought up in a Housing New Zealand house myself for over 20 years.”