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  • Advocacy during 2016
    I was expecting this year to be relatively quiet on the advocacy front, but oh boy, how wrong I was.
    07-08-2016 more >>
  • Get you rinfo on the NZPIF app
    A key benefit of belonging to a Property Investors’ Association is access to special pricing deals by a number of companies. You can save money on a variety of goods and services that all property investors need, including DIY products, insurance, mortgages, smoke alarms and various subscriptions to data.
    07-07-2016 more >>
  • We don't need more regulation
    Last month I wrote about house prices rising and the calls for more regulation. Unfortunately the calls for more regulation have been heard and the Reserve Bank is looking to introduce loan-to-income restrictions for mortgages.
    07-06-2016 more >>
  • We don't need more regulation
    Last month I wrote about house prices rising and the calls for more regulation. Unfortunately the calls for more regulation have been heard and the Reserve Bank is looking to introduce loan-to-income restrictions for mortgages.
    15-05-2016 more >>
  • No regulation needed
    The house sale statistics for March came out recently and showed that Auckland prices had risen after falling for several months. Other areas around New Zealand are also seeing house price increases and a new wave of media property angst developed.
    10-05-2016 more >>
  • Adding insulation not cost effective
    Over the last month or so, the NZPIF has attended workshops on the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act, more commonly known as "Minimum Standards for Rental Properties". We have also made two written submissions and attended a select committee hearing on the Bill.
    10-04-2016 more >>
  • Insulation tax deductions
    Due to insulation becoming compulsory in July, the NZPIF believe that the cost of the insulation should be tax deductible. To confirm this, last year the NZPIF requested clarification from the IRD.
    22-02-2016 more >>
  • Heavy handed UK rental taxes
    New Zealand is not the only country where people think that rental property owners are forcing people to be tenants. The UK Government has introduced tax changes aimed at forcing people out of owning rental property (termed buy-to-let in the UK) and reducing competition for first home buyers.
    25-01-2016 more >>
  • Cashing in on the baby boomer market
    Late last year the Salvation Army published an interesting report into housing Baby Boomers. The report claimed there will be around 200,000 people who in 2030 will be aged over 65 years old and not own their home. That should interest all forward thinking rental property owners.
    15-01-2016 more >>
  • Are you paying too much for insurance?
    The NZPIF has researched the property insurance market and found that some policies are not targeted for rental property and cost over 40% more than others.
    10-12-2015 more >>
  • Comparing cycles
    Andrew King was the first presenter at the 2015 NZPIF Conference and was asked to update attendees on the property market and where we are in the cycle. He said it was very interesting to do the research and see how different this cycle is behaving compared to previous ones.
    10-11-2015 more >>
  • Green Party's Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill
    Despite the minimum standards not even being in law yet, the Green Party has already reignited the issue with their Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill. A large part of this Bill is the call for a full WOF for rental property.
    04-10-2015 more >>
  • Analysing claims for exemplary damages
    Tenancy Tribunal statistics show that nearly 50% of the tenant applications against landlords contained a claim for exemplary damages from the landlord, while less than 0.5% of landlords applications were for exemplary damages.
    31-08-2015 more >>
  • Calls for removing mortgage tax deductibility
    Rental property owners have continued to be the focus of all attempts to reduce house prices in Auckland. Some commentators have said we need to make it even harder for investors in order to stop house price rises and give first home buyers a chance.
    01-07-2015 more >>
  • Property tax aimed at speculators
    Our industry has been hit with a double punch over the last week. The Reserve Banks increasing LVR limits for Auckland rental property owners to 30% (don't laugh too hard in the provinces, you may be next) and the Government bringing in an effective Capital Gains Tax called a Bright Line Test.
    13-06-2015 more >>
  • Reserve Bank consults on new asset class for residential rental property loans
    Last month I wrote about the Reserve Bank releasing a consultation document on their proposal to separately classify residential rental property loans from owner occupied residential loans. The NZPIF have now examined the consultation document and made a submission on the Reserve Banks proposal.
    15-05-2015 more >>
  • Reserve Bank seeks to increase loan costs
    Just before Christmas last year, the NZPIF had a meeting with Reserve Bank officials concerning comments made by the Reserve Bank Governor and their plans to increase the borrowing costs for rental property owners with five or more rental properties.
    22-04-2015 more >>
  • Call for property investors to pay more tax
    Towards the end of last year, an organisation called the Financial Services Council (FSC) launched a campaign to reduce the tax obligations for Kiwisaver savings and some term deposits
    15-03-2015 more >>
  • Good time to check your rents
    Demand for rental property from tenants tends to increase during the months of January and February each year. Because of this, these months are an excellent time to check your rental income to see if your rates should be increased.
    22-02-2015 more >>
  • It's the start of another year
    The start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your property investments and identify if you are still on track to reach your goals.
    15-01-2015 more >>
  • Why is providing homes seen as a sin?
    I simply cannot understand why the general New Zealand population has such a grudge against property investors. Our investments combined with the time and energy we put into them provide people with homes. Isn't this a good thing?
    12-12-2014 more >>
  • Gen Y needs hope for a home
    A recent report showed that Generation Y, those under 28, were increasingly believing that home ownership was unachievable and were spending their money on travel and shopping rather than saving for a deposit on a house.
    15-11-2014 more >>
  • Election result good for tenants and landlords
    I'm writing this the day after the election, grateful to the publishers for an extension in providing this article. During the week leading up to the election I was wondering if NZ First was going to be the King Maker and if we would even have a Government by the time you read this. Thankfully the result was clear cut and Labour announced quickly that they couldn't form a Government.
    10-10-2014 more >>
  • Are we all worthy of safety?
    The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) has used a study by the Otago University's Injury Prevention Research Unit to call for a Warrant of Fitness for rental properties
    22-09-2014 more >>
  • Are overseas migrants and rental property owners to blame for the high price of property?
    Overseas migrants and rental property owners have received a lot of undeserved blame for the high price of property in New Zealand. However it may be that a new target is in the sights of those looking for someone to blame for the current level of house prices.
    08-08-2014 more >>

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