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  • No immediate answers from Housing Stocktake
    “The NZPIF agrees with the authors of the Housing Stocktake released today that private rental housing will continue to feature prominently in our future housing landscape”, says Andrew King, executive officer.
    12-02-2018 more >>
  • Undue panic created around meth contamination of properties
    Andrew King says the NZPIF agrees with the Minister of Housing's comments that there has been undue panic created around meth contamination of properties
    10-12-2017 more >>
  • Protection of tenant rights
    "It is important to protect tenant rights," said Andrew King, executive officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation. "However, it is not correct to say that tenants have no rights in New Zealand and that tenancy laws need to be rebalanced towards the tenant".
    18-09-2017 more >>
  • Landlords offer stable tenancies
    A survey of 816 rental property owners shows that 49% would like their tenants to stay in the property for a very long time as they have no intention of selling. Another 12.7% would like them to stay for at least the next 10 years after which they may start thinking about selling the property.
    15-09-2017 more >>
  • Facts not scaremongering
    In a Radio NZ interview today, Labour's housing spokesperson said that the NZ Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) was scaremongering by releasing findings of a survey that showed that nearly three quarters of rental property owners would increase rents if some of Labour's housing policies were introduced. He also said that NZPIF did not explain why this would happen.
    14-09-2017 more >>
  • 816 landlords react to Labour's housing proposals
    The NZ Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) received 816 responses to a survey of rental property owners giving their thoughts on a variety of matters currently affecting their industry.
    13-09-2017 more >>
  • Labour needs to front up on housing policies
    To assist voters in their decision making on September 23, Labour needs to front up on the cost of their housing policies for rental property providers and their tenants.
    11-09-2017 more >>
  • NZPIF comments on Labour policy announcements
    Here are comments on the policy statements released by Labour on Sunday
    04-09-2017 more >>
  • Cheaper to rent than own but for how long?
    A NZ Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) study has shown that renting the average NZ property is $218 per week cheaper than owning the same property.  
    31-08-2017 more >>
  • Program to improve rental conditions
    The New Zealand Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) fully supports the Hawke's Bay District Health Board's Ready to Rent Program.
    29-08-2017 more >>
  • One sided review of renting
    Tenant advocates have produced a report calling for widespread changes to the rental industry that if introduced would cause more harm for the tenants they represent than good.
    23-08-2017 more >>
  • Is a WOF for rental properties the answer?
    Wellington Council is introducing a voluntary Warrant of Fitness for rental properties that they intend to make compulsory in three years. The council says that they want to raise standards and that "every Wellingtonian deserves a warm dry home".
    17-08-2017 more >>
  • More regulations and restrictions reduce the number of rentals
    For 17 years, forty three year old sickness beneficiary, Shanez Akhtar, has always a found a place to rent without difficulty, but that all changed 9 months ago.
    15-08-2017 more >>
  • New NZ Standard for meth contamination released today
    The NZ Property Investors' Federation is very pleased to see the release of the NZ Standard for meth contamination today” said Andrew King, executive officer
    29-06-2017 more >>
  • Increase will benefit low income families
    The NZ Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) congratulates the Salvation Army for their advocacy work that has seen the accommodation allowance increase for low income families.
    25-05-2017 more >>
  • Tenants' liability for damage
    “The NZ Property Investors' Federation is pleased that Government is taking action to remedy the situation of tenants not being responsible for damage they accidently cause in rental properties,” says Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZPIF
    23-05-2017 more >>
  • Investors' tax benefits overstated
    Labour has announced that they are removing the ability of rental property providers to offset losses. They call it a speculation tax loophole, but it is a tax provision available to all investments.
    14-05-2017 more >>
  • Well maintained properties make good sense
    “The NZ Property Investors' Federation promotes good maintenance of rental properties to its members. This makes good business sense as tenants of well-maintained properties are likely to stay longer, meaning lower vacancy rates,” says Andrew King, Executive Officer.
    27-04-2017 more >>
  • Property Bright Line Test working well
    “Recent CoreLogic data shows that flipping or rapid on-selling of houses is not as common as people may believe” says Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation
    03-02-2017 more >>
  • Rental property providers reject accusation
    The New Zealand Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) rejects accusation made against rental property providers by the Monte Cecilia Housing Trust.
    24-01-2017 more >>
  • Rights of the tenant versus rights of the landlord
    “There are good and bad aspects of the Greens’ Residential Tenancies (Safe and Secure Rentals) Amendment Bill which was selected from the ballot today” says Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation.
    11-08-2016 more >>
  • Reserve Bank restrictions hurt tenants and small investors
    One of the Reserve Bank's tasks is to keep inflation between 1% and 3%. It appears that the purpose of the LVR tightening is to allow the Reserve Bank to lower interest rates, thereby stimulating the economy and lowering the NZ dollar.
    19-07-2016 more >>
  • Labour's focus is correct
    When asked by a journalist yesterday if any of Labour’s housing announcements would target investors, Andrew Little clarified that they would target speculators, "those looking to for short term gain in the housing market."
    08-07-2016 more >>
  • Are we shooting at the wrong target?
    Following QV's monthly housing report released today, the Prime Minister’s advice to further hinder the provision of rental properties in New Zealand is misguided.
    05-07-2016 more >>
  • Are there really too many property investors?
    A recent CoreLogic report has claimed that 46% of property sales in Auckland over the last month were to investors. This figure was obtained by counting the number of properties bought by people who have an existing home. Apart from investing, there are many other situations where this may occur.
    13-06-2016 more >>

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